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Your love will not be forgotten…

Love Time Capsule Project

The purpose of this project is to create a time capsule of love memories. You can leave your name & your loved ones' names forever in one of the gray time capsules. You may also leave a love message or a life story. Photos are also accepted.

As no human-beings can live for all eternity, our love and memories may be forgotten. The idea of this site is to store your love in a time capsule, so that even if you and your loved ones pass away, your love will always be remembered.

Each Time Capsule will also have a link to a webpage, where you can put your precious memories, love stories or life remarks. If you wish, you can make it private by setting a password to the page.

Love has no boundaries. You may include anyone you love in the time capsule, like spouse, friends, family, even your pets.

You can Reserve a Love Capsule Here or if you have more questions, visit the FAQ page.

Time Capsules